Interview with Harald Belker

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Harald Belker, born 1961 in Germany,  is a well known Transportation and Entertainment Designer living California. He is known for his vehicle designs on Minority Report, Batman & Robin, Hot Wheels for Matel and several design books, published by design studio press. He is one of those guys who just packed their stuff, left everything behind to follow and realize their dreams. Have fun reading and get inspired.

1. Hey Harald. What do you like about California that Germany couldn’t offer you – and the other way around?

I like the ever-blue sky, pleasant temperatures and the general friendliness of the people here in California. But of course, I miss the comfort that you generally have in Germany or Europe. Here you are always on the move.

2. What are you currently working at?

Since 1 ½ years I mainly work for a new company called ANKI. They are developing a car race game, for which they need small fast cars. The whole thing will be controlled via iPhone. Upon that I’m currently designing sunglasses for Kaenon and I’m working on a pitch for a racing video game. That is all right now.

3. After all those books you have published and worked on – what book was, or still is, inspiring you?

Scott Robertson’s new book How to Draw is an incredibly informative and inovative book.

4. After all these years in the industry, are there still any fields or products that you would like to work on?

It’s getting more difficult, but to be honest, my list with the things I want to do is still incredibly long.

5. Which car do you, as a veteran in Transportation Design, drive and what do you like about it?

My everyday-car is a Ford F150 Pick up Truck, a giant for german conditions. I can easily throw my kite stuff in there and don’t have to clean it up permanently. In my garage slumbers a 2003 Porsche 4S. I release him from time to time.

 6. In your opinion, how important is good freehand sketching these days in everyday work?

Actually, it is becoming less and less important. Never thought that I would say such thing. I do 3D sketching on polygon modelings.

7. What software do you prefer in your studio and why?

I model everything in modo, because it is just awesome how fast you can create great forms with it. The renderings are the cherry on top.

8. Who inspired you when you were a student and who does now?

I would say it is Syd Mead, I`ve just met this week for lunch. He is still sensational awake and successful.

9. MAC or Windows?

What is Windows??? 🙂

10. Do you have a tip or advice for all the students out there, that you would have loved to hear back in the days?

To be successful in Design, you need more than just talent. You must also know how to deal with people. Everything requires a team. It also takes some time and further education after graduating to learn and understand the real business. That is why the first job after graduation is very important.

Thank you very much Harald for your thoughts and opinion. We wish you all the best and we are looking forward to see more of you work. Check out Harald’s page

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Good luck and stay tireless.

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