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KOREFE is the integrated design and innovation agency within Kolle Rebbe, one of the most innovative and successful communication design studios in Germany. With a focus on advertising, books, corporate identity, brand innovation and product development, they are working for clients like google, Lufthansa, LUMAS, Ritter Sport and many more. We are really happy to have Christain Doering, the Creative Director of KOREFE, for an interview.
1. Hi Christian. In your opinion -what is it, that makes Kolle Rebbe and its team special?

Kolle Rebbe is still running by its owner, which is definitely reflected by a strong entrepreneurial attitude. Especially Stefan Kolle is a visionary, who supports innovation in all kinds of fields. This way many projects did and do emerge, which are kind of unusual for an agency.
2.On what particular project are you proud of and why?

The development of our own natural cosmetic bran „Stop The Water While Using Me“ over the last view years was quite fun. The brand hasn’t only been created at the „KOREFE“, the whole content behind the product has also been developed way further here. Very often designers are only responsible for the facing and design and not for the product itself and its purpose. But with „Stop The Water While Using Me!“ was it way different.
3. Are those current trend gadgets like tablets and iPad are really useful in the every day work flow?

Tablets and smart phones did establish themselves as working and communication devices over the last view years. There is no way around it anymore. But meanwhile I think, that we have to use them in regulated doses to not get distracted by them to much.
4. Where does your work as a Creative Director begin and where does it end? Do you even still design by yourself?

As a director, you do work all around the clock and not just from 9 to 5. Many interesting design projects often arise long after closing time or even in your spare time and then bring important impulses to the everyday work of an agency.
5. In your opinion – will „print“ be displaced completely from the market sooner or later by digital media solutions? Does it even make sense to focus on „print“ nowadays?

It is very interesting to see, that despite the massive movement to the digital area, the „print“ is having a revival at the same time. The quality of „print“ will even improve in my opinion and will cause even better magazines and books. Because new print-products can only survive, if they can set new aesthetic landmarks.

6. In your opinion, how important is good freehand sketching these days in everyday work?

It is quite helpful in many situations for a designer to be good at sketching. It helps you to communicate your design concepts faster and more understandable, which is helping in the internal „idea competition“.

7. What software do you prefer in your studio and why?

My absolute favorite is InDesign, because it is the most comfortable layout-program on the world.

8. Who inspired you when you were a student?

I had a lot role models. To name a view: Peter Saville, Karl Lagerfeld, Dieter Rams, Hedi Slimane and many more.

9. MAC or Windows?


10. Do you have a tip or advice for all the students out there, that you would have loved to hear back in the days?

Keep your eyes open! Absorb everything, stay hungry and curious, be brave when it comes to ideation phase! And still: No pain No gain!

Thank you very much Christian forsharing your thoughts and giving advise. We wish you all the best for your future and hope you and your team will always have brilliant ideas.
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