Kill the Boss?


In any instance of an employee-employer relationship, the supervisor always works as a role model – for the better, as well as for the worse. This is why a boss or supervisor always has to make sure not to lose the overview of the overall ratio. Same goes for the employee – don’t act situational. See the whole picture.

The classics in their daily work are:

1. Punctuality

Whether it is starting work in the morning, appointments, team meetings or client correspondence. If these things are not handled properly, the effectivity clearly suffers. Therefore, supervisors are always really keen on proper observance of temporal processes and communication channels.

This is why being late in the morning by traffic jam, extra effort caused by short-term changes or even software and hardware weaknesses can quickly cause trouble in their everyday work.

2. Tidiness

Documentation is everything! Everything has its place. All processes are regulated and important information is being held!

Unfortunately a designers office is full of short-term changes, countless emails, phone calls and tons of data volumes, which would definitely slow down the work speed, if they get treated the way they should in the moment they come up.

3. Expertise

There is a solution for every task. It lies on the employer / supervisor to distribute these tasks to competent solution finder. However, the vision of the supervisor and implementation of his staff are often far apart.

Various approaches often lead to a lack of understanding between the parties, if both believe to be right. But the one who usually „loses“ os the one who sits at the smaller desk.


A good boss knows,

– that also his employees are getting stressed by his own unpunctuality. That punctuality needs to be practiced and praised instead of forced and reproved each time.

– that some things can get lost in everyday work life. That is why he offers some special „cleaning up time“ to bring everything in the correct order.

– that others have proper opinions too. If they don’t match with his opinion, he needs to find a way of agreement instead of only cutting out the others point of view. He understands how his employees work and think.

in most cases

The Difference

AEven if the boss and his team are pulling in the same direction, there is a huge, very important difference.
The employer derives a company and brings his vision of the company forward. It is „his baby“. He has full responsibility for it, and especially the whole power over it and over everything in it.
The employer works for himself. He only needs to justify to himself (talking about strategic decisions).

The employee is „only“ part, yet tool, to this vision.

Yes – they both pull in the same direction – but not equally strong.

The Over-All-Benefit of the boss will always be bigger and emotionally more satisfying.
That is why a boss or supervisor always needs to be the bigger person/ worker.
If he brings a lack of punctuality, tidiness or expertise, he has no more to expect from his employees.


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