Teamwork – is it worth it?


Teamwork, curse or blessing?

You control everything when you work on your own. Decision are made much faster and the procedure is all clear. But aren’t several eyes and hands are even more effective? For many employers not! But how come that so many design studios are not putting too much emphasis on teamwork?

It already begins in the university…
You get a design project and you get it done. With all of your knowledge and intuition you opt for or against your own drafts. You control everything and you have got full responsibility. Therefore you mostly create results that represents you.

But sooner or later the task says „Teamwork“.
And than you’re not responsible for the result all by yourself anymore and you are not able to make decisions all on your own. You have to deal with other opinions, you have to give in sometimes and you have to share success and failure.

Now, is that good or bad?
How much value does teamwork really bring into everyday work? Is it financially worth it?


The more complex a project is, the more teamwork is appropriated.

It is not necessary to let 3 people deal with a new color & trim of a single shoe or handbag. But must a new shoe or a new bag to be designed, it makes sense to think about the division of labor.

The most common division of labor is:


 What do you think? How many teamwork is enough? Or should a project be runned by a single designer only?

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