4 Ways to recognize good design


We all know the moment when someone starts hating about your work. And if you don’t know, you definitely will some day!

This it shit. What do you know about design? You know nothin‘!


So, how to deal with that?
Don’t ever deal with that!

Statements like these are worthless shout outs. You just can’t get any useful information out of it. This is not even close to any kind of criticism…it is just insulting.
But, the same goes for many compliments as well

That’s nice. Really cool design. Looks interesting.


Of course, it is nice to hear that, but you just can`t pull much out of it.

Especially when it comes to design, criticism is a difficult matter.

Design is always subjective. You will always find someone who likes it and someone who doesn’t.
But that does not mean there is no bad design – of course there is bad design.
There are several ways to separate good from bad design – and here are four of them.


Long story short

If somebody hates ore likes your work…ask him why. Is there an actual reason, or is it just bitchin‘?

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