10 Questions each designer gets asked frequently

A designers job is hard to explain sometimes, because of the many different operating areas. This is why many people do not even have a clue, what designers actually do for a living. So, sooner or later, each designer will have to answer 10 different types of questions. And than again…and again….

kill your darlings

„Ah, you are a designer? That’s interesting…“

The Dream
„So you basically sketch all day?“

The Devaluation
„Oh, that means the actual work is made by engineers.“

Der Advantage
„Can you get me into a fashion show/ auto show?“

The Artist
„Since you sketch so well, can you draw me something?“

The Informant
„What project are you currently working on?
Can you show me how it looks. I promise I won’t tell.“

The Inventor
„Do you get the products you design?“

The Homepage
„Listen, I am planning something… can you build me website for that?“

The Spare Time Editor
„I have some photos from my vacations last summer. Could you do some PhotoShop please?“

The Aesthete
„I bet your home is full of cool designer furniture, right?“

The Color Fan
„Look, can you help me with my living room? It needs to be rearranged.
What color should I pick for my curtains?“

It always comes down to…
„I have this idea about a very cool product, we should brainstorm about it.“

Does that sound familiar? What questions do you get asked all the time?Anyway, stay friendly and keep answering.
Stay tireless.

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